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Follow our guided online training to learn our step by step process to improve your financial skills and create a more profitable business.

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On-Demand & Self Paced

Over the course of 6 weeks, 6 modules will unlock for you. It doesn’t matter if you are an early bird or a night own, or anything in between, you can study when it suits you. Plus you have lifetime access to the material.

Skills-Based Training

Theory has its place, but there is nothing like learning real-life business skills. The Bizzness Buddy Academy’s focus is on empowering you with the knowledge and skills you need to make dramatic, positive changes in your business.

Gain Clarity of Vision

Gain clarity on your business goals, and more importantly, keep the focus on those goals. Without clarity, you will lose focus leading to mediocrity, distraction and dissatisfaction.

Invest in Yourself Today

You are the greatest asset of your business. Invest in yourself to be the best you can be, and in turn, have the best possible business.

Peer Group Connection

Being in business can be lonely, even isolating. The Bizzness Buddy Academy will connect you with other passionate business owners like yourself, looking to learn, share and support each other.

Bonus Training & Material

Each project provides access to bonus training and bonus material at no added cost.

Free Ebook


Inside This Free Small Business Training eBook, You’ll Get My Top  3 Hacks for Small Businesses to Save Time & Money.

Inside this free eBook, you’ll learn about the most effective hacks for small businesses to save time and money. These three hacks have been responsible for saving thousands of hours and even more money worldwide.

Including automating simple tasks with programs like Xero that let your business grow without hiring a team, these top 3 innovative solutions are ready made in order to streamline your work day!

As a small business owner, you have to be creative and efficient. If your competitors are ahead of the game because they’ve found time-saving or cost-effective hacks, then you better do the same!

Risk-Free Guarantee

 I know you’ll love this training as much as I do. In fact, if you complete the first module and are not completely satisfied with the training provided, I will provide a 100% refund of the purchase price. No questions asked!

Financial Success Project

Small Business Management Course Modules

This is the only business finance management course you will ever need!

Module 1 - The Right Business Structure

You’ll learn everything you need to know about picking the best structure for your business.  Taking into consideration your personal circumstances: whether it’s limiting your risk, protecting your family and your assets, or minimising tax. 

You’ll have fun while learning all you need to succeed.

    Module 2 - A Business Owners Best Friend

    Want the keys to business success? Consider these few tips: find a bookkeeper you trust, get back up from your accounting with an accountant, and learn how to read the numbers.

    The Bizzness Buddy Academy offers practical advice and provides real-life training on “the essentials” such as reading financial statements that will keep you in business for years to come.

    Module 3 - Know The Numbers That Drive Your Business

    The Financial Success Project is a program that can help you find the key metrics that matter to you and teach you how to use them to grow your business.

    By learning the metric management skills of identifying what matters, establishing and maintaining accurate goals, reviewing progress, assessing results, planning and implementing improvements … you will be in command of managing critically important numbers with little effort. Start today!

      Module 4 - Control Where Your Money Goes

      Do you have cash flow problems because you are growing quickly or you don’t manage your cash effectively?

      The Bizzness Buddy Academy will show you how to set up an easy to maintain and current budget, so you can get control of your finances once again. Apply that newfound knowledge with Xero’s cloud accounting software. Track your budget using Xero reports and make those decisions to improve by being able to understand what is going wrong financially.


        Module 5 - Measure, Monitor & Manage Your Results

        The Financial Success Project is a unique program that offers a more interactive and strategic approach to finance management.

        You’ll learn how the numbers work, see their meaning, get expert insights, get real-time tips and tools your need in order to bring all this information together. Join us to live an empowered financial life!


          Module 6 - Tips For Good Money Management

          With the unpredictable nature of business, it’s important to be in control of your money. You never know when you’ll have an opportunity that could give you a huge boost up or leave you at the bottom.

          The Financial Success Project offers life-changing financial information for any business stage. Learn how to manage your credit cards, make debt work for you and supercharge your superannuation.  Get your personal legal and financial affairs sorted while staying mindful about spending. 

          Risk-Free Guarantee

          I know you’ll love this training as much as I do. In fact, if you complete the first module and are not completely satisfied with the training provided, I will provide a 100% refund of the purchase price. No questions asked!

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          Success Stories

          For every small business owner thinking they need to do an online business course – DO THIS COURSE.

          The best investment in yourself you will ever make.

          It changed my life and for once I have someone that’s on my side, willing to help me in whatever way I need. Life-changing!

          Taleah Pickering

          Director, Savvy Hair Artistry

          I have been running my fitness business for quite a few years now, but it only really broke through to be financially successful after completing the Bizzness Buddy Financial Success Project.

          I had been looking for small business training and within weeks of working with Janet, I soon realized that I was leaving money on the table and just how difficult I was making things for myself.

          Chris Zerbe

          Owner, 313FIT

          Janet & I began working together when I got a bit stuck with my business. Unlike being an employee where we only have one job role, being in business means that we sometimes take on what feels like 15 roles at once; it can be overwhelming.

          Janet helped me gain clarity with goal setting and guided me step by step on how to tackle the tasks needed to reach my goals.

          If you do the work, with Janet’s tools you will get unstuck and thrive.

          I thoroughly recommend this online business course.

          Kirby Blake

          Design Consultant and Curator

          What Is Bizzness Buddy?
          Who is this Training For?

          Bizzness Buddy is for business owners that want to take their business to the next level. That want to go from working in their business to becoming an entrepreneur.

          The training looks at the challenges faced every day and teaches the skills to overcome those challenges, by mastering your finances, systems and operations.



          Tired of working all day, every day?

          I’ve said this many times and I’ll say it again: working in your business doesn’t help you grow it. 

          You should be spending time focusing on how to make what you do better!

          Not seeing any business growth?

          There are a lot of business owners that may not have the capital, skills or knowledge to grow their business. 

          It is important to take control and understand your finances to help manage your business better.

          Are you making sales or are you making profit?

          A lot of businesses focus on sales, but it is really profit margins that are the kicker.

          Profit margins are important to the success of any business. Lower profit margins can hurt your ability to reinvest in your company, hire new employees, and ultimately lose money.

          Do you want less stress in your business life?

          The key to a stress-free business that is not totally reliant on you is having systems and procedures in place.

          Having processing operating in your business means you can step away from the day to day problems, and focus on what you should be working on.  Improving and growing your business.

          About Me

          Hi, my name is Janet Ward, Founder of the Bizzness Buddy Academy.

          I have been in small business for over 20 years and know from personal experience how hard running a business is … the long hours, the stress and the financial burden. I’ve bought, built up and profitably sold an accounting practice and a digital marketing firm, and now using my hard-earned skills and knowledge to help other small business owners achieve a better, stronger and more profitable business.

          My specially designed small business courses give you the essential knowledge and skills you need to achieve success in business, as quickly and easily as possible.

          No time-wasting, no fluff… I promise.

          My projects are video-based training, with step by step instructions. Each module has a workbook that helps you with the practical exercises. Most importantly I show you how to implement what you have learnt into your business so that you get results.

          Set Your Goals! Find Your Balance!

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          The Bizzness Buddy Academy’s small business course, The Financial Success Project is the program for those who are tired of feeling like they’re running on a hamster wheel.

          With access to online classes, support networks and bonus material that teach you how to optimize your business’s efficiency while achieving maximum potential in both sales growth and profitability  

          The time has come to unleash your inner entrepreneur, to expand their offerings, to make it big!

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