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Better, Stronger & More Profitable Business

My Story

My name is Janet Ward and I am the founder of the Bizzness Buddy Academy, our mission is to help business owners achieve better, stronger and more profitable business. I am an Accountant by trade, and owned and operated a successful accounting practice for 12 years before selling up and buying into a digital marketing company that built apps and websites, and created and implemented digital marketing strategies for our broad range of clients.

After Covid hit I created the Bizzness Buddy Academy to help small business obtain the skills and knowledge they need to achieve BETTER, STRONGER AND MORE PROFITABLE BUSINESS.

As a small business owner myself for over twenty years, I have developed a very broad range of practical skills and have learnt what works and does not work from personal experience.

I firmly believe that ongoing education is the key to a success business. Continually developing new skills and trying new things is essential to keep you and your business relevant in our quickly changing times.

Investing in your skills and knowledge is the best investment you can make.

That is why I have founded the Bizzness Buddy Academy, to provide the essential business skills training for small business owners across Australia.




Our mission is to provide straightforward, easily accessible and highly practical knowledge and skills training; to arm business owners with the expertise needed to achieve their financial and business goals.


Our vision is to provide outstanding online business courses and 1 on 1 mentoring services; to help small business owners have better, stronger and more profitable businesses.


Straight Forward:  Communicating with in clear and simple terms

Friendly:  Approachable and genuinely invested

Firm When It Matters:  Not afraid to lay it down straight